Yale Undergraduate Sino-American Relations is an international social, political, and economic forum centered around the relationship between the US and China. YUSAR will be a platform for people to explore their interest in international affairs and current events through discussion, presentation and research.


YUSAR seeks to explore the topic of Sino-American relations, and be a platform for people to pursue their interest in international affairs. It also seeks to educate and to cultivate interest in the topic in order to promote a better understanding of the increasingly important Sino-American relationship. Ultimately, we hope to expand into a more comprehensive forum on global affairs and incorporate a multitude of countries.


Meetings will consist of brief presentations on relevant events, current or past, followed by analysis and discussion. They will occur every week for about an hour per meeting. In each meeting, members will summarize articles and analyze them with regard to how they influence the Sino-American relationship. Other members can then discuss and further develop ideas on the significance of that event.